About us

A technology company operating in the field of information safety and security. Founded by members with experience in cyber security from Checkpoint; Bayerische Motoren Werke AG; and Financial Representative. We distribute information security software/ hardware solutions for a variety of industries including Finance; Bank; Insurance; Stock Exchange; Telecommunications and Heavy Industries.


distributes information security products and solutions to businesses.


consulting and implementing security solutions distributed by our company.



provides security testing services for mobile and web apps in both IT/IoT fields..

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100% focus on investment activities including business strategy, human resource development system and training in the field of information security and cyberspace.

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Oriented to become a company providing professional security services to different countries.

Game Developers

Developed in the field of security services and system security testing services in the field of IoT.

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Developing the distribution of cybersecurity products, but focusing on the main products, does not spread too many solutions.

Technology direction

The company is developed based on a team with expertise and capacity to solve problems related to customer information security.

Highly qualified personnel, in addition to understanding the solution they are consulting, can also capture security trends in the world, frameworks, and implementation processes to achieve effective results.

Products and solutions are carefully selected after the market screening process, human experience and quality are recognized

We also have extensive experience and capabilities in the areas of solutions related to cyber-attacks, data protection, and vulnerability assessment to ICS infrastructure.