for Startups

We strongly believe that a secure environment is a must for every company and for that reason, we are putting all our resources and knowledge at work to help certain entities to find and implement the required security controls. We offer this service for FREE.

The service is only applicable to a number of businesses operating in the following specific areas, it does not work for businesses outside the mentioned scope.


Startups in many different fields, with an established age of no more than 3 years and an annual turnover of less than 1 million USD.

Nonprofit Organizations

NGOs around the world, working for human development, for a just democratic and civilized society.

Business for the community

Businesses working for the community, for the fair rights of children around the world.


The universities have many scholarship programs for poor students or students from underdeveloped countries all over the world.

Speedlights in Dusk

Why It is free

As a business, in addition to the profit factor - we are also aware of our corporate responsibility to make a better life - happier society and grow together. Therefore, the selected businesses are all organizations we believe that they are really contributing to the development of society in many different countries around the world.

How it works

Based on the information received, we will select businesses or organizations according to the defined list and because of the relatively large workload we usually respond to you in week from the start of receiving. Once  your organization is selected, we will contact you to begin the formal program process, our consultants will work with you to understand requirements with a running plan of  security assessment, and as a final step we will review the findings with your team to help achieve objectives. The following things will be considered when a project is selected:

Legal Check

Selection Process

Contract and NDA Signing

Project Delivery


Rocket Launch


Usually after finishing Pentest work, we have many different ways to compile information and share with businesses different directions to overcome existing information security gaps.


A report presenting results & conclusions of the exercise, with a series of industry best-practice recommendations

Strategic initiatives

Long-term strategic initiatives that will help in avoiding repetition of vulnerabilities.


Review workshop on results to build awareness and alignment among stakeholders


Actionable recommendations to eliminate the revealed security issues.