Describes an overview of work related to supporting services and implementation of the solution that Alexa Security Consulting LLC (ASC) is distributing to the market. Includes implementation method, installation process, configuration, integration, training and technology transfer and responsibilities of parties.

Support services, we provide:

• Installation, Configuration, and Integration.
• Education and training


ASC supports installation, configuration, integration, and training:​​

* Checkmarx

* Safe Breach

* Wallarm 

* PerimeterX

* OneTrust

Implementation procedure


Review hardware, software resources, connections, as well
as IT pool of the enterprise.


Based on the information,
analyze the workflow, method
of information sharing between
applications and applying goal
to the enterprise.

Writing up implementation methods 

Provide implementation
methods, essential tools, process, roles and responsibilities of each
individual and outcome


As the plan of installation
configuration and integration
with the system.

Handing over


Check operation quality & move
to education phase and system
handing over.


The above information describes the technical services ASC is providing in SEA, Japan, US, and Canada markets. This reference plays as part of service contracts with detailed descriptions. Customers who expect to use the service might refer to this document, and understand the details and accountability of the parties.

ASC not only provides services direct to customers but also can offer this one to third parties to ensure as being pointed out by customers.

Installation, configuration, and handing-over can run faster or slower than expected depending on the preparation and planning stages, as well as other issues during implementation. For example, problems opening firewall connections, availability of hardware and software, and a number of staff participating in the project.