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Alexa Cybersecurity is a subsidiary of Alexa Security Consulting. The company has a business license to operate in the United States and branches in Vietnam, and India.

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Work in the field of information security, focusing on security for application platforms via the Web and Mobile. The solutions provided include applications that detect and analyze vulnerabilities in the early stages of software development, and runtime application self-protection.

In addition, we also provide security assessment services for enterprise computer applications whether they are run on a physical platform, in the cloud, or a blockchain infrastructure.

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Perform advanced cryptographic and data management functions and are scalable according to your business size and needs. Organizations frequently use devices to comply with data protection regulations and standards, such as GDPR or PCI DSS. You can deploy our solutions on-premises, in the cloud, or both to enable features and benefits.

  • Protect data stored within databases

  • Authenticate personal and sensitive data

  • Encrypt and sign applications

  • Achieve compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Back up data to prevent data loss



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The group of customers places the highest concern on information security because of their requirements in the fields of finance, insurance, and securities companies. This is also a group of businesses that are particularly interested by criminals who use information technology and high technology to carry out attacks and exploit information to serve their crimes. Currently, we are providing some specific applications such as security code scanning - integrity code - runtime application self-protection and data security.

​We do not position ourselves as a purely trading company, we are a consulting and technology solutions company to solve the problems our customers are facing. To do this, it is necessary to combine many different necessary factors, but first, it needs people with good expertise and experience, technology solutions must be really superior, highly competitive in the market as well as be recognized by the world standards organizations such as CCPA, GDPR, NIST, PCI, CRES, and Gartner accredited.

​The consulting and technology solutions included in the project are not only aimed at providing self-protection of applications and data against cyber-attacks, invading viruses, or ransomware. It also necessarily brings emotional value when used, optimizing the costs businesses expense.

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Responsibility for commitments promised to customers in each project including but not limited to people, quality of deliverables, and efficiency. We always direct our employees and the entire business to the goal that the customer is the center of our service and are committed to ensuring our company is an entity that exists and develops in a way beneficial to society.

The Speed of understanding will in some way be the opposite of quality, however, at Alexa Cybersecurity we always set up work processes so that our work is included in the available framework to ensure commitment with customers. Alexa Cybersecurity is not just a distribution company - We define ourselves as a service company where the focused point is the process - human knowledge - and the quality of each project needs to be guaranteed with all standards has been agreed upon with the customer.

Enthusiasm, we always want to bring the best experience for customers and partners. We pour heart into our customers, sincerity, and focus. Since then, we strive to offer optimal solutions, bringing results that exceed customer expectations.



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Our engineers with expertise in the field of security and automation, this is also one of the values we intend for the process of operating the business as well as the mission of serving customers. You will definitely see the difference when working with us not only because of our clear processes - professionalism in communication but also because of the professional skills that our engineers have.



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In an open business environment, there is always good cooperation between businesses to share opportunities and grow together to contribute different values in an overall common value.

Become our partners

We are always open and create opportunities for different partners to form an ecosystem that supports and promotes projects. Accordingly, when members of the ecosystem will join Alexa Cybersecurity to participate in projects provided by us or you.

Why should you become a Partner with us?


We are a partner of leading technology companies in the world in the field of information security.

Our technology products and our partners are widely used and recognized globally.

Our customers are companies such as banks - finance - insurance - and some businesses in the energy industry sector.

Instead of just focusing on product commercialization, we have a team of high-quality engineers, and detailed process management to drive our customers to great experiences.

Transparent policy, high discounts, many incentives, and professional training.


Application Security




Breach Attack Simulation

Integration platform as a service

Data encryption solutions

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