We put most of our efforts and time into resolving the problems our customers are currently experiencing or might encounter in an open network environment with various risks associated with data, applications, and operations

A cybersecurity company owned by the parent company LinkCorp LLC. We operate in two primary areas, primarily focusing on distribution activities, which include providing information security products and services.

The business is registered in the state of Delaware and has work offices in three different countries, including the US, Singapore, and Vietnam. Our main customers are businesses in the US and some Southeast Asian countries.

About Us?

Positioning our business.

We're all about carving out a solid spot in the cybersecurity world. We want folks to see us as the go-to crew for keeping their digital assets safe and sound. Our mission? Serving up top-notch security solutions for businesses across the US and Southeast Asia. We're all about getting the job done right, whether it's locking down data, shoring up applications, or keeping operations running smoothly. Bottom line? We're here to be your trusted partner in the cybersecurity game, no matter where you are or what you need.

Company's Vision.

Our company's vision isn't about chasing financial glory or climbing global rankings. It's about something simpler, yet profound: bringing in more new customers, deepening trust with the ones we already have, and building together, hand in hand. We're all about growing in trust, plain and simple.


We distribute and sell security products for safeguarding data, applications, and critical infrastructure.
We offer design and implementation services for standard information network security architecture, aligning with globally recognized frameworks and platforms like NIST, ZTA, and CIS Controls.
We assess, advise, standardize, and implement data safety and security measures to ensure compliance with local and global legal regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and other applicable laws.


a computer monitor sitting on top of a wooden desk
a computer monitor sitting on top of a wooden desk

The application scans its source code for vulnerabilities, conducts testing, and proactively detects security errors in programming. It also checks open-source packages for potential threats, identifying malicious code and ensuring that packages are not susceptible to attacks or exploitation.

- Application Security Testing

black and silver turntable on brown wooden table
black and silver turntable on brown wooden table

The application facilitates analysis, statistics, and detection of data leaks, while also managing data by data security or privacy laws and regulations.

- Data Security and Protection

white and black box on black computer keyboard
white and black box on black computer keyboard

The application enables the analysis of malicious code, safeguarding servers, workstations, and mobile devices from various threats including attacks, ransomware encryption, and data theft.

-Endpoint Detection and Response

a person holding a business card in front of a pile of coins
a person holding a business card in front of a pile of coins

Passwordless applications offer heightened security and address the limitations of traditional passwords, mitigating the risks of theft or fraud associated with account takeover.

- Passwordless


We are proud to be among the world's top companies in cybersecurity. Our partnership is focused on delivering unparalleled products and services to ensure the utmost satisfaction for our customers.


These enterprises are typically medium to large or even very large, with a workforce of at least 300 employees or more. They operate computer systems in diverse and complex environments, ranging from physical setups to virtualized and cloud-based infrastructures. With a multitude of interconnected applications and a significant volume of data in circulation, there's a heightened risk of exposing information security vulnerabilities during day-to-day operations.

These customers perceive applications, data, and information infrastructure as crucial elements driving their business operations. They operate within regulatory frameworks in one or more countries and prioritize information security in cyberspace.

Banking Institutions

Power Generation Facilities

Software Engineering Enterprises

Communication Service Providers

State-Owned Enterprises


Trung Le has experience in information security spanning both the private and public sectors, this individual has honed their expertise through roles at prestigious companies such as Samsung and BMW. His track record of success as a consultant, architect, and implementer of information security solutions underscores their ability to navigate complex environments and deliver tailored strategies to safeguard businesses and governments alike. Specializing in finance, banking, and technology sectors, he possesses a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges and regulatory requirements, enabling customers to provide invaluable guidance in mitigating risks and ensuring compliance. His tenure at esteemed organizations speaks volumes about his capabilities and underscores his commitment to excellence in information security management.

Declan James, expertise as a business administrator and operator in the finance, commerce, and partner management sectors in the US and North America is unparalleled. With a robust background in working with numbers and strategic planning, he has honed his skills through extensive experience at major financial enterprises, banks, and investment funds. Notably, Declan played a foundational role as one of the founding members of a successful company, where he continues to serve in an executive capacity, showcasing his visionary leadership and commitment to organizational success. His transition to a key role within one of the largest banks in the US underscores his reputation as a trusted industry leader capable of driving business growth and fostering strategic partnerships.

Sophie worked as a seasoned cybersecurity engineer, boasting a distinguished career path that includes tenure at prominent companies like Rockwell and Aramco. With a wealth of experience in defense planning and response programs, Sophie is well-versed in orchestrating robust strategies to counter information security incidents that threaten businesses. Her expertise spans a breadth of domains, encompassing threat detection, incident response, and mitigation strategies, ensuring comprehensive protection against cyber threats. Currently, Sophie holds a pivotal role overseeing the US market and select northern countries, underscoring her leadership and strategic prowess in navigating complex cybersecurity landscapes. Her proactive approach to cybersecurity, coupled with her ability to anticipate and mitigate emerging threats, makes her a trusted advisor in safeguarding organizations' digital assets and infrastructure.

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