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The company was founded by security engineers from Checkpoint, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), and Financial Representative, Headquartered in Lawrence City - Kansas State – USA, and branch offices in Vietnam, and Australia.


Experiencing a number of different stages of formation and development, the direction in business activities remains - whereby Alexa Security Consulting LLC mainly focuses on providing application security solutions to help customers monitor - detect - and prevent attacks on digital applications and leakage of digital data.


We do not limit our commercial capabilities to one market, but can distribute resources in many markets across many different countries – the United States of America and Asian countries are our primary markets because of our cooperation and strong - positive - dynamic development here.

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Technical Team

Engineers have much practical experience in large projects with highly complex systems. a team of certified engineers, capable of analyzing challenging customer requirements - solving problems based on factors using management frameworks such as NIST, MITRE, ISO2700X, SDLC, and with responsiveness and efficient operation.


We usually start our business by analyzing the customer's pain point and finding solutions based on proven advanced technology worldwide. Team members also participate in projects with different customer groups such as Telecommunications - Aviation - Bank - Insurance company - Software technology companies.

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Sale Team

Sales engineers with a background of security knowledge and real-world experience in the local markets where they live. Sales team is divided into two main parts:


Thereby we identify and know how to behave appropriately with our customers in each market we are working in. In the solution and value-added distribution model, we are not a unit that directly contracts with customers, instead, we will sell through partners trusted and appointed by customers.


In some cases, and in different countries especially in the US and North America we may be the one to sell directly to our customers, the rest we will contract with authorized units by customers.

Through the world,International sales representatives focus on finding new customers, and promoting and selling the company's products.

They will typically negotiate and write contracts, coordinate deliveries with production and distribution, and service their accounts.

By country, focus on market development and customer support in the country in which the seller is located, following local laws and procurement processes.

We build local distribution channels based on analysis and assessment of potential partners - customers and market characteristics.

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Our customers are large companies operating in the fields of finance - banking - insurance - software technology. These customers are spread across many different countries and are all mature companies listed on international or local stock exchanges.


They often require superior technology solutions. The distributor's engineering team must have high expertise and operate in a high-pressure technology environment. Technology solutions need to be proven effective in practice, recognized by independent journals and rating agencies around the world for the market - technology features - and technical support team.

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Working as a distributor in a value-added model

Assist customers to be aware of the risks when their application is not secure enough before providing it to users, uncovering information security risks such as account take over | bot attack | issues to web apps and mobile apps, and critical vulnerabilities confirmed in the OWASP standards | NIST | ...Connecting local resellers to end customers, accompanying partners to provide good security solutions for customers.

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Headquarters - United States
824 Prescott Dr, Lawrence, KS 66049

Branch Office - Vietnam
The 3rd Floor, Vietnam Land Tower, 40 Phan Boi Chau, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
+84 (0)845-088-662

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