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We provide the world's leading Cybersecurity Apps and integrated for businesses. These solutions are being used by companies in the TOP Fortune 500. It serves as an important part of the enterprise by helping to ensure the security of applications and users.

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Company Overview

Company overview

Alexa Cybersecurity is the security and application division of Alexa Security Consulting. Founded in 2020 by cybersecurity engineers who worked for Checkpoint, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), and Financial Representative, the founding members are locating in different countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, and USA.

The company's initial headquarters was located in the city of Lawrence, Kansas, USA, and then expanded its operating branches in Vietnam.


Alexa Cybersecurity focuses all its capabilities and personnel as well as experience in the field of security for applications, and cross-platform integrated solutions. In addition to being a trader and distributor of world-leading software solutions such as Checkmarx – Boomi – Wallarm – Saviynt – Futurex. We also provide consulting, implementation, and system integration services.


The focusing customers are businesses in the banking - finance - and insurance industries but always target large or very large customers for reasons and needs of information security and integration of applications together.


Human resources are engineers with experience in information security, business integration architecture, and project management they are also located in different countries.


Alexa Cybersecurity focuses on the customer and considers them as centric, whereby all consulting processes pre-and post-sales as well as skill training of personnel are always taken care of in detail to create a corporated team that can be trusted and by its customers. The revenue and profit goals are only placed at the 3rd position after the customers – partners.

The Company Vision.

We do not intend to create a great company but consistently focus on sustainable development, progress step by step and be a challenger to competitors in the markets where we are present. In this view, Alexa Cybersecurity wants to be a company providing cybersecurity applications with a foothold in the US - ASEAN - and later the whole of Asia in its first 10 years of development.

The Core Values.

Respecting customers as best friends, helping them address the robustness of their information systems and drive growth. The criteria of Loyalty - Dedication - Professionalism - Differentiation are the values that we are following.

The Partners.

At Alexa Cybersecurity, there are four different types of partners, and they are all valued as close friends with mutual interests. Incompetent partners are usually dismissed after three to four months of not demonstrating enthusiasm - sincerity - and insufficient trust. At our company, there is a set of capacity indicators to assess the creditworthiness of our partners.

Technology companies - We only work with the world's leading technology firms, recognized and evaluated by highly reputable technology and market analysis organizations.

Sales partners - Companies that have the ability, proven relationships with customers, and the ability to connect, and create good value in the perception of customers.


Customers - Customers are both value creators, who enjoy it, and accompany us in every business activity.


Individual - The personnel who are working at the organizations where we had and will have business actions. They are knowledgeable about what they need – what they know – and what we can do.

The Structure.

Board of Directors - Business managers are responsible for bringing the business in line with the specific goals, orientation, and adherence to the core values that the company has set out. They are able to create and explore new markets – drive to the business goals.

Financial Units - Manage and arrange capital for business activities of the enterprise, analyze and make forecasts about financial health in the short- or medium-term future.

International sales - With us, our sales staff can communicate well with customers, so in local or foreign markets we can reach and support whenever customers need.

Engineering and Technology - One of our top priorities is that the personnel at Alexa Cybersecurity needs to be really good and knowledgeable to support customers in the best way in the range of technology solutions. We don't just head to sell an item, but also sell a solution to solve our customers' problems in general. Therefore, personnel must be professional – understand what they are saying and know what they need to engage customers satisfied.

Our Most Popular Products

Application Security Testing - Identity Access Mangement - Vulnerabilities Management - Cloud-based integration

Products Portfolio

Static application security testing (SAST)

Static application security testing (SAST), or static analysis, is a testing methodology that analyzes source code to find security vulnerabilities that make your organization’s applications susceptible to attack. SAST scans an application before the code is compiled. It’s also known as white box testing.

Software composition analysis

Software composition analysis (SCA) is an automated process that identifies open-source software in a codebase. This analysis is performed to evaluate security, license compliance, and code quality.

Supply chain security 

Attackers stash malicious packages in the open-source software supply chain to proliferate their attacks. To keep your codebase safe, you need reliable information about your packages prior to building software.

Security scanning, or vulnerability scanning, can mean many different things, but it can be simply described as scanning the security of a website, web-based program, network, or file system for either vulnerabilities or unwanted file changes.

Mobile application security testing

Conduct a full penetration test,
find real vulnerabilities and give instructions on how to fix them.

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) 

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a suite of cloud services enabling the development, execution, and governance of integration flows connecting any combination of on-premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications, and data within individuals or across multiple organizations.

Our Services

24/7 Professional Services

Serving Clients in the United States and Asia Pacific

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Our Areas of Expertise

What We Can Help Customers

More than just a company that distributes information security solutions and application integration. We also provide consulting services - orient the use of these technologies in accordance with the reality of the business's wishes, and in accordance with general information security management standards. This service may be free of charge or may be charged based on the specific wishes of the customer.

Professional consulting

On the current state of the customer's system, appropriate technology solutions, and effective application complex increase the management capacity of the business.

Deployment Services

Deploy technologies and integrate them into customer landscape such as CI/CD, System Management,...

Periodic maintenance service

Analyze and optimize the application's ability to work during use, fix problems related to the operation, and ensure the safety of the system as well as the entire working process in the application development team.


What Makes Us Different?

We participate in the supply chain and assist in providing products and solutions to help customers solve difficult tasks such as application security, source code security, and data integration in the enterprise. These are also difficult jobs that require the high expertise of the sales team - technology engineers. Customers will also require higher skills from the solution provider instead of devices that are offered as plug-and-play or with little technical intervention.

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Engineering team

Has knowledge and experience in application development, has worked and participated in large projects such as IBM - Samsung - Checkpoint - BMW...

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Qualified & Security

Engineers have a system architecture mindset, understand the actual requirements of the business, and connect them into an overview to-detail method, helping customers to solve their pain points.

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Customer Support

We intend to sell one or more technology solutions, not just a product, so documentation, processes, and effective practices are always included or detailed in the deliverables before and after we perform the work at the customer.

A business meeting

World-leading products

At Alexa Cybersecurity, we only work with the best vendors or they are the  TOP of most recognized companies in the world, we do not direct ourselves to popular-based customers but only work with large enterprises in both terms of size, and deals as well as assist partners in promoting their projects and clients.




Business Partners

Application Security Testing Platform

Blackbox Security Testing Platform


Business Partners



Integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

API Threat Prevention



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